martedì 4 febbraio 2014

Save Passerano Park from cement and destruction!

Save Passerano Park from cement and destruction!

The "Tenuta di Passerano" lies just a few miles east of Rome. It is one of the last perfectly preserved pieces of original Roman countryside and a highly valuable agricultural land of extraordinary beauty, host to a delicate flora and fauna system, Roman villas remains, the original antique pavement of the Via Prenestina Antica, the southern Via Francigena, bridges and aqueducts from the Roman Age and, most importantly, one of the most beautiful Italian medieval castles.

For many years the city council of Gallicano nel Lazio has made attempts to get hold of this land, trying all sorts of expedients to dispossess the community of hundreds of square miles so that it could be sold and indiscriminately built upon. Some of the worst proposals floated around recently include turning it into a giant cemetery, an enormous industrial area and more alarmingly building a biogas power plant: the latter would be a true environmental bomb that could irreversibly ravage such a precious site which is literally on the doorstep of Rome.

Not taking into account the economical and environmental damages which Passerano would suffer, it is worth noting that the Tenuta's borders touch the easternmost areas of Rome, and that any hint of further building would certainly progressively transform this wonderful virgin land into one more run-down suburb which, unfortunately, are already abundant in the Roman outskirts.

It is easy to imagine the great number of speculators and complacent authorities which would gladly profit from the urbanization of such a big area close to the capital.

We have to block this abomination.

We have to block the uncontrolled expansion of "Roma Capitale".
We have to block the speculation, the uncontrolled urbanization of the Roman Countryside and the waste of agricultural land.

We have to defend and promote the beauty, the history and the nature of the "Tenuta Agricola di Passerano"!!

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