lunedì 10 luglio 2017



Oggi ho scritto al commissiario europeo per l'ambiente, Karmenu Vella (e ad alcune testate giornlistiche romane ed europee) per esporre il grave problema relativo ai roghi tossici della capitale.

Di seguito il testo inviato (in lingua inglese) ed il contatto del commissario europeo.
Inondiamo la sua casella di posta.

Each evening, looking out of our terraces, we see the black smoke of fires rising to the sky and scattering in the neighborhood. It is no coincidence to see the streets of nearby neighborhoods of garbage dumps. 

We ask the authorities to intervene and put an end to these toxic fires.

In every neighborhood of  the eastern part of Rome  there are continuous columns of acrid smoke rising almost daily and flooding houses and lungs of so many Romans. They told us all about the reasons why these blazes are generated: illegal waste traffic, abusive disposal of special waste, stolen copper being melted, juvenile arsonists not legally persecutable. The only reality facing so many words and facts is that plastic combustion  produces dioxin, and this organic compound is carcinogenic and has persistent, not easily biodegradable, high toxicity that is particularly accumulable in the food chain. Real poisons that spread in the air we breathe and on crops.

It's time to say enough! Neighborhood associations and committees moved to every institutional level (town hall, police station, prosecutor's office, mayor) without anything concrete being done to protect young and old. We ask the authorities to intervene and put an end to the population breathing the result of these toxic fires.

Please help us!


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